The picture of class, Captain sits half naked in their bed, scarfing down leftover mac and cheese in the dark. That movie sounds like a very good idea and the temptation to skip school tomorrow grows…

I want to watch a movie, but I should really go to bed… Ah, bed now. I get out of classes early tomorrow, so I can watch it then. I should also get back to capping, so maybe take some caps and then reward myself with a movie. 

Wow, He Mele No Lilo just came on Pandora back to back. That’s never happened, but I’m glad it did.

Oh no, no. Oh, Winnie the Pooh music came on… I was… looking at unsavory material… Now I feel so dirty.

It’s still so unnerving when someone reblogs something from a long time ago. I’m not into that particular thing very much anymore but I made some posts that got pretty popular back when I was. Sometimes they resurface and I just groan.


I was telling people I’d link them to a lot of cosplay help things over the weekend, but I forgot who for what and everything. So I’m just going to make a big post with all of the tutorials that I reference a lot/just think are very informative in general.






Well, that’s the second Disney song I’ve put on Vaan’s mix. He and Penelo would love Disney. This is becoming an AU headcanon, hang on.

Vaan’s favorite is The Lion King, but he also likes Hercules and Aladdin. Penelo’s favorite is either Aladdin or Mulan depending on when you ask; Pocahontas comes in third. I bet they played Kingdom Hearts…

Balthier teases them when they get a bit too excited to watch a movie but they still love it unapologetically. His favorite, though he won’t admit it, is Tarzan.

Ashe sometimes acts like she’s outgrown it, but if Penelo and Vaan put something on, she’ll likely stick around. Her favorite is Beauty and the Beast.

Basch and Fran both like Disney about as much as any adult but they’ll watch a movie with the kids every once in a while. They both like Lilo and Stitch. Mulan may tie for Fran’s favorite, though. Basch also likes Hercules and The Jungle Book.

the first avenger + quotes (companion piece to [x])

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I feel so responsible for making texts at seven in the morning, but then I remember that there’s no way I would have done that if I hadn’t taken a shower this morning.

Can I put Phil Collins in my playlist?

I just saw The Winter Soldier again. I’m still rendered incoherent by it. I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a movie more. I should go to bed.