[3:43:48 PM] Capt (gubs): Why did I imagine Vayne sitting at his desk with his feet propped on it either playing with a Rubiks cube or tossing a bouncy ball up and down
[3:43:53 PM] Grissom (old): YES
[3:43:57 PM] Grissom (old): oh my god
[3:44:02 PM] Grissom (old): thats beautiful
[3:44:09 PM] Capt (gubs): Vayne pretends to look busy all the time except for Cid
[3:44:19 PM] Grissom (old): i can just see it in my head
[3:44:24 PM] Capt (gubs): Cid doesnt give a shit what Vayne does as long as he gets grant money
[3:44:29 PM] Grissom (old): same, cid





If you’re Christian I hope you don’t believe asexuality exists because you are implying you and/or others are immune from sinful lust, which is applying divine properties to humans and therefore defying crucial theological principles.

It’s just in asexuals are actually have divine properties 

lmao oh my goodness

finally the recognition i deserve, the godly kind

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I wanted to say thank you for realizing what was really going on in the first meeting with Ondore (him leading them to Ashe and Basch jumping on the opportunity) because up until now I'd thought he was a jerk who sold them out and tried to have his cake and eat it too up until he took over the Resistance and picked a side.

OH MAN. This is so nice. Really, it means a lot that someone likes all the rambling I do, haha.

I was trying to explain the cutscene to my sister who hasn’t played the game and she gave a funny look when I said something about the “subtle nuances” and it does sounds funny but this game has them and it’s just so well done in terms of storytelling and cinematics and I guess I can’t say ‘acting’ but I’m sure you know what I mean, all the details put into facial cues like Ondore’s eyebrow quirk and Basch’s tiny visible “oh” moment, along with the phenomenal voice acting. Honestly, if the same creative and developmental team just made cutscenes for the moments in between cutscenes and put it together into a full length movie, not only would I pay to see it, I’d pay to see it several times. And buy the DVD. And then probably analyze the shit out of that thing.

Sorry, I’m just so in love with this game. And yeah, I agree, I thought Ondore was a jerk until I picked up on that stuff. It also makes a lot more sense that he didn’t immediately kick them out again when they returned with Ashe. He wants to help them, he really does, but his hands are tied and as frustrated as Ashe gets with that, I think she understands, and Basch certainly does, being in a similar-ish position what with prison and all.

I’m starting to go off again, so I’m just going to say thank you for the compliment!

Anonymous sent:

Do you have any headcanons about Archadian culture?

Oh man, to be totally honest I don’t really have any. I just leech off my friends’ ideas for Archades. I’m not sure that I’ve ever come up with something on my own.

BUT! I feel bad sending you home with nothing, so as a consolation prize I will ramble about Rozarria and feel bad for not actually giving you what you wanted.

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So I bought this cool wall thing and the front is a magnet board

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Kaneoya Sachiko







"Ace Hardware: No screwing, just lots of screws."

"Ace Hardware: Nail your roof, not your partner."

"Ace Hardware: For when it really is just a hammer in your pocket"

One of my friends wanted to see a photomanip of the ace hardware logo in ace flag colors, and then I thought of these terrible puns, so here you go.

At first I wasn’t going to reblog this but then I saw it again and just started laughing

my two favorite things: asexuality, and puns

and those puns are literally the best

I NEED more asexual puns

those are indeed the best

"Ace Hardware: Lube for your motor, not your junk"

"Ace Hardware: Erecting buildings, not your penis"

"Ace Hardware: Where nuts aren’t genetalia"

"Ace Hardware: The hammer is not our penis. Its just a hammer."

"Ace Hardware: Where muff, is short for muffler"

"Ace Hardware: Yes that is a hammer, but we’re still happy to see you."

"Ace Hardware: You can get Off in our repellent aisle



finally, my own lemongrab that will scream back at me


All of the posts tagged “drinking game” seem like they end in hospitalization.

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